'The Good Guide' Summer 21/22

Welcome to our 'summer' edition of the good guide.
What a start to the summer we have had in the Bay of Plenty: Whakatāne & Ohope are the top spots for sunshine, and the water temperature, as warm as I can remember. Fantastic for blowing away the cobwebs in the morning and refreshing the senses in the afternoon. There's a reason Donna & I have always drifted back to the Bay!
We have put together our top 10 summer essentials from Sol+Sea, our favorite mineral sunscreen, and natural skincare range, designed for a generation that knows better and cares more about the future in front of them. To Goodbye SANDFLY,  we love to use natural products, especially on our skin, Goodbye SANDFLY is New Zealand's #1 selling natural repellent since 2009, Use to hide your smell from mosquitoes, no-see-ums, midges and black flies.

Hopefully, your reading this on your deck, or at your desk, planning your summer adventure with the family, wherever you are, we wish you a fantastic fun filled summer, full of adventures and stories to be shared.
Barebones - the good guide - the good tonic

  1. Sol + Sea - Sunscreen SPF50 85ml

Protect your face + body + the environment with this mineral-based, invisible zinc oxide sunscreen. Formulated with marine bio-actives, plant-based ingredients and innovative pharmaceuticals, Sol+Sea SPF50+ sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection from skin-damaging ultraviolet light - protecting, hydrating and nourishing your skin. Reef + marine safe, it’s performance skin care for adventurers.

Sol + Sea - Sunscreen SPF50 85ml $42



     2. Pelli - 'Beachy Keen' Large Beach Bag - Waxed Canvas

Wax on, wax off ... Well actually - just wax on ... 

This large beach bag in waxed canvas naturally repels dirt, water, and moisture and gives your beach goodies extra coverage and protection.  

Made from high-quality 16 oz waxed cotton canvas, it is heavy-duty, naturally beautiful, and designed to be forever. Just like the standard canvas, the extra-large fit will handle all the gear to make the beach outing a breeze and the pool or park a picnic ;).  

Pelli - 'Beachy Keen' Large Beach Bag - Waxed Canvas $139

Pelli - beach bag - the good tonic


      3. FOUTA SALEM - Artisan made in Tunisia

The Fouta was originally used in the hammam, a traditional public bath in Tunisia, as a bath towel and a wrap. Nowadays, it is used as a beach towel, bath towel or a throw. Fast drying and light in texture they are perfect for travel. The Foutas are woven on antique semi-mechanical looms as they have been for generations. They are made of 100% cotton with hand finished fringes.

These foutas have a wonderful textural weave and are perfect for the beach or picnic this summer.

They are practical and versatile and part of the culture, soul and history of Tunisia.

FOUTA SALEM - Artisan made in Tunisia $55



        4. Byron Bay Bronze - Gradual Tanning Foam 200ml

The BBB Gradual Tanning Foam is your go-to for a naturally bronzed glow this summer.

Our gradual tanning foam is super user-friendly and impossible to get wrong. For a flawless, natural looking tan simply apply daily until your desired bronze shade is achieved. Your skin will thank you too, with beautifully nourishing active ingredients including Aloe, and Vitamin E and C.
byron-bay-bronze-gradual-tanning-foam - the good tonic
       5. CASUSGRILL™ eco-friendly single use BBQ

Welcome to the wonderful world of CasusGrill.

CasusGrill is an eco-friendly and biodegradable single use grill. Grilling has never been this good.

CASUSGRILL™ is an award-winning Danish innovation company with a green DNA and passion to make a difference for our planet earth. We aim to combine sustainability and smart functional design to re-design and make green transformation of existing products which we use every day in life. 

Quick Oxylite™ makes it ready to cook in 5 minutes – 400 C / 600 F degrees.
     6. Hills Hats - Wide Brim Palm Straw
Natural palm straw made in our popular McQueen style with tear-drop crown indentation and centre front pinch. Finished with a black pleated puggaree, side eyelets and soft cotton sweatband.
Fantastic summer shade in style, unisex, so you will need to play rock, paper, scissors to decide...
hills-hats-wide-brim-palm-straw - the good tonic


These stunning kites are designed in New Zealand from super-tough, recycled ripstop fabric. Each kite uses the equivalent plastic of a 2-litre water bottle. The fabric features unique hand-drawn illustrations and bright colours.

There are 5 different illustrations to choose from: Africa, Jungle, Woodland, Desert & Arctic.

Kites make the best outdoor toys!

 Lofty Kites | $40

Lofty Kites - the good tonic

     8. bamba. - Double Walled Drinks Bottle

The bamba bottle is here to make waves!

Made with double walled stainless steel, your drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours - not to mention, zero condensation. 

Each bottle comes with a Flex Cap and a Sipper Lid, switch these out as you please - you're covered for all your hydration needs. 

bamba. - Double Walled Drinks Bottle $60

bamba-double-walled-drinks-bottle - the good tonic
     9. Becca Project - W I L D F L O W E R - Body Oil

Nourish your skin with a layer of divinely scented all-natural goodness. Becca Body Oil is rich in antioxidants, natural fatty acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help maintain your skin's natural oil barrier, keeping it plump, hydrated and looking youthful. Scents of Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Grapefruit & Rose. 

They have created a feather-light, fast-drying formula with uplifting botanicals for daily moisturisation.

Becca Project - W I L D F L O W E R - Body Oil $49

becca-project-w-i-l-d-f-l-o-w-e-r-body-oil - the good tonic


    10. Mother Made - Energy: Mushroom Capsules

Cordyceps is our sexiest mushroom. This natural energy booster is here to help perk you up in the morning, train harder in the gym, and even balance your libido.

Considered the holy grail of physical performance in the mushroom world, cordyceps is perfect for athletes, gym bunnies and people who live their life in the fast lane. 

Cordyceps has shown to help increase blood oxygenation and lung capacity. Cordyceps has also been shown to assist our energy levels through its effect on increasing our adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP) production (ATP is essentially our cell’s currency when it comes to energy).*

Mother Made - Energy: Mushroom Capsules $39

mother-made-energy-mushroom-capsules - the good tonic

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