The good tonic

adjective: tonic

giving a feeling of vigour or well-being; invigorating.

"We are looking at ways to source smarter to help the consumer make better decisions by offering better choices. As conscious retailers we have a great sense of responsibility and pride to change what it means to be in business. Our goal is to create, collaborate and curate quality, sustainable and ethically sourced unique products and artisan produce. We wish to work with like-minded companies that have the same values, companies that inspire and will have a positive impact in the community".


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the good tonic

36 Boon Street, Whakatane, 3120

Mon - Fri, 9am - 4pm
Saturday, 9am - 1pm
Sunday, Day off - Closed

Closed Public Holidays

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the good tonic; Collaboration of ethical, sustainable arts crafts & homewares, local and international. Recycled & remade fashion and accessories, natural and organic candles & skincare.