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Welcome to our  latest edition of ‘the good guide’ We are thrilled to have you as part of our community and cannot wait to embark on this journey with you towards a greener, more conscious way of living.

At our store, we believe that every small action has the power to make a big difference. From reusable products to eco-friendly packaging, we have carefully curated a collection of sustainable and ethical goods for you to explore. Whether you are a seasoned environmentalist or just beginning your eco-conscious journey, we are here to support and guide you every step of the way.

Our goal is to make sustainable living accessible and enjoyable for all. With that in mind, we have created an environment where you can discover, learn, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the planet. We encourage you to join our community events, workshops, and webinars, where you will have the opportunity to learn from experts, engage in meaningful conversations, and exchange ideas.

At the good tonic, we are always looking at ways to reduce our impact on nature, helping to inform and create conversation on what's 'hot' in the sustainability world, including, are words like Sustainability and Circular being used with no real connection to what they mean?

One area we are promoting is Soft Plastic recycling, Should soft plastics be collected in kerbside recycling?

For many people, plastic waste like chip packets, bread bags and thin plastic packaging get put in the too hard basket, i.e. the rubbish bin. 

It is estimated that thousands of tonnes of soft plastics are sent to landfill each year, so if it was an option to put them in with kerbside recycling would that get more people onboard?

Right now, keen recyclers need to drop off their soft plastic stations at supermarkets or the Warehouse, otherwise it goes to the tip. 

While the number of people who do recycle their soft plastics is growing, Lyn Mayes from industry group the Packaging Forum admitted the current system would never be completely effective.

It would be great to create a demand for this, as with most things, a tipping point is reach where it becomes viable for industry to step in and get involved, wouldn't it be great to see this in Aotearoa New Zealand!


These are some of the styles and brands we are loving in store, we hope you love them as much as we do!

Welcome to Untouched World, the first fashion company in the world to be recognised by the United Nations for sustainability.  


We are Bellroy. And we’re here to help you move through the world with ease and energy. While helping the world, and our crew, flourish.



     Ethically and sustainably crafted from crop to customer, ReCreate clothing transforms lives through fair employment, training and empowerment.

    The Loyal Workshop - Hand-Stitched Leather from Start to Finish Delivering Timeless Leather Designed Products. Premium Fair Trade Eco Leather Satchels, Bags, Wallets and Accessories. Guaranteed Fair Trade. Fighting Slavery. 


    The new Icebreaker tee's original artwork by Māori-English artist Fern Ngatai represents the strength of the mountain.


     We are looking forward to seeing you instore over the coming weeks, all the best Colin & Donna


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