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AO - SUN & MOON EARRINGS - the good tonic
AO - SUN & MOON EARRINGS - the good tonic



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Material: Stirling Silver 925

Because this is a hand-made piece, the texture will vary.

Inspired by the ocean, each piece of jewellery is handmade and delivered to you from the beautiful coromandel, New Zealand.

AO means blue in Japanese and world or earth in Maori.


The inspiration for my jewellery is the ocean.

My life changed dramatically when I started to surf. Even on days when I couldn’t catch a good wave, just by being soaked in the ocean my mind would be clear - like the sun coming out on a cloudy day. Surfing is the best feeling and I wanted to apply that energy to the jewellery I create through colour and the simple and individualistic design.


On a surfing trip to Indo, I was so sad to see the piles of plastic trash everywhere. In the ocean, the beach and the town. I knew marine pollution existed but didn’t realise how serious a problem it was. I became excited by the idea to take some action. I owe the ocean a lot, it has introduced me and showed me my way so I want to give something back and ensure our children can enjoy it like I have. This passion is one of the drives behind AO.