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Valor - Shaving Brush Wooden (vegan) - the good tonic
Valor - Shaving Brush Wooden (vegan)
Valor - Shaving Brush Wooden (vegan)

Valor - Shaving Brush Wooden (vegan)


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This vegan-friendly Shaving Brush is essential for the ultimate traditional shaving experience.

The soft bristles build a wonderful thick lather and apply an even spread of soap for the most precise shave. Matches the performance of Badger Bristle Brushes without the cruelty.

All our brushes have passed rigorous testing but the life of any shaving brush will be enhanced by rinsing out after each use and resting where it can air dry.


  • The Bristles from a shaving brush helps lift and suspend your facial hair
  • Better for your skin
  • helps to get rid of dirt and oil buildup on the surface of the skin
  • This helps prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and any irritation

    Born from a passion for organic, natural soaps and a desire to make a real difference to the way men treat their skin, our Valor products were first sold through local markets in the Byron Bay hinterland. It soon became evident that men (often prompted by their partners) were looking for skin, shaving and beard products that felt great on their face, smelled delicious and more importantly weren’t chock full of chemicals and toxins.