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Stephanie Brebner - Antique Coaster, Ink and Watercolour - the good tonic

Stephanie Brebner - Antique Coaster, Ink and Watercolour

Stephanie Brebner

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Nature is my main inspiration, I have a great love for the outdoors. I especially love trees and birds and these are what inspire many of my recycled copper wire sculptures... These sculptures take many hours of research, planning and then hand making each branch, leaf, flower or bird.

Creating beautiful and unique art is my passion and I like nothing more than bringing old or unused things back to life and this shows in many of my pieces. I also beautifully refurbish old frames that I use for my ink and watercolour paintings.  I love the idea of painting gorgeous antiques that one day could break and be lost, so lately when I am not working on my sculptures I am painting one of my antique series.

Antique Coaster  Ink and watercolour in a hand refurbished recycled frame.

As I love doing one off pieces I am always open to doing commissions if there is something specific that you are wanting or looking for.

Please contact us for shipping options, ideally collection from store due to the size and nature of this sculpture.