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Mother made - PM: Mushroom Powder
Mother made - PM: Mushroom Powder
Mother made - PM: Mushroom Powder
Mother made - PM: Mushroom Powder

Mother made - PM: Mushroom Powder


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Mother Made is our ode to the departure from Man-made, to products from Mother earth.

Our purpose is to shine a light on one of the planet's true minute marvels: The mushroom. Nature's greatest healer.

Our mushrooms are potent, 100% organic, include no fillers or additives and are most importantly, 100% natural.

Founders Emily Blanchett and Jessica Clarke, old high-school friends were inspired to start Mother Made after spending time in isolation where they had time to reflect on what was really important to wellness and to the environment.

Hey sleeping beauty, we bet you’ve never had a beauty sleep like this before.

Our PM blend has been carefully designed to help you reach a deeper sleep and replenish you while you do. Relaxing adaptogens to help wind down. Powerful antioxidant action to help your skin glow, and prebiotic fibre for a happy, healthy gut. 


100% mushrooms, blending: 

Reishi — helping to calm you, and aid a deeper night’s sleep (33%)

Shiitake — to support cardiovascular health, a strong immune system & glowing skin (33%)

Turkey's tail — to support a healthy gut & immune system (33%)

Our mushrooms powders are all dual extracts from the fruiting body.

No fillers | No additives

60 serves (1 tsp)

How to use: 

Our PM blend is not only rich with healing benefits, it's also super rich in flavour. Try adding it into your favourite meals. Also works well in hot or cold drinks/broths.