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Icebreaker - Unisex Merino Charleson Scarf - the good tonic - Whakatne

Icebreaker - Unisex Merino Charleson Scarf


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Featuring pure felted merino wool, the all-natural Charleson Scarf offers comfort and warmth with a luxury feel.


  • 100% Merino - Soft merino fibers that regulate body temperature in all weather conditions and resists odors,
  • Scarf length: 177cm, Scarf width: 28cm

Free of plastic microfibres and petrochemical-based synthetics, this product is made with 100% pure merino fibres that were hand-picked for strength and softness to create a luxurious fabric that naturally breathes and resists odours. Merino wool fibre is naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable under certain conditions.

”NoNaturally odor-resistant
”NoNo-itch comfort
”RegularRegulates body temperature