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HIGHTIDE - HOURGLASS - the good tonic
HIGHTIDE - HOURGLASS - the good tonic



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We named ourselves HIGHTIDE so we always feel fulfilled just as the tide coming in. We hope our creation and lifestyle speak for the wish to the world, and we believe satisfaction in daily life and at work can be well balanced and interactive. We keep giving form to what comes out from ourselves gazing at the sea, in a hope that our customers feel fulfilled by every single product of ours.

This hourglass from HIGHTIDE is both a handy timekeeper and striking decoration. Available in 3 sizes - small (3 minutes), medium (5 minutes) and large (15 minutes) - this hourglass will look great on your desk, bookshelf or kitchen bench. HIGHTIDE, from Fukuoka, Japan, imbues all of their products with a classic Japanese design spirit, coupled with a day-to-day functionality that gives their range of products a unique edge.

SIZE: Medium - 5.1 (dia) x 9.8cm (h)


MEASUREMENT TIME: 5 minutes. As this product is handmade, please use it as a guide only and refrain from using it as an exact measurement of time.

MATERIALS: Glass, sand. Presented in cardboard box.

SOURCE: Designed in Japan.