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Hemp Farm - Promise Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (12g)
Hemp Farm - Promise Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (12g)
Hemp Farm - Promise Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (12g)
Hemp Farm - Promise Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (12g)

Hemp Farm - Promise Healing Balm with Organic Manuka Honey (12g)


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The Hemp Farm Story

Hemp Farm began with a handful of seeds, and a very big dream. A dream to build a vibrant hemp industry in New Zealand.

We are on a continual journey to supply you with beneficial hemp products that are delicious, nutritious, chemical-free and that care for you, your family and our precious world.

Working passionately with individuals, industries, universities and businesses to grow, process and utilize hemp into everyday products, ranging from virgin cold-pressed hemp seed oil to fibre for building, insulation, plastics and many items that we rely on so heavily today.

Soothe, Nourish and Restore – Suitable For Any Skin Type!
Promise Hemp Healing Balm is a little jar of essentials, “world-famous in New New Zealand” for soothing, nourishing and restoring a wide range of skin conditions. An Ambulance in a Jar.

This balm is nourishing and versatile enough to tackle anything – a first aid must-have!

 Fast Relief of Itchy, Cracked, Split, Inflamed, Sore, and Irritated Skin

  • Suitable For All Skin Types & Sensitive Skin
  • Made From New Zealand Hemp Seed Oil, Manuka & Essential Oils
  • No Animal Testing, Chemical Free & Non GMO
    Why Choose Promise Hemp Healing Balm?
    • New Zealand Made: Handcrafted in the Coramandel, this balm is blended with New Zealand grown hemp seed oil – rich in skin-loving omega fatty acids, New Zealand Manuka and Kanuka oils, and lavender, carrot, apricot and calendula.
    • Get quick relief of itchy, cracked, inflamed, sore, and irritated skin: Provides relief to acne, insect bites, itchy spots, saddle sores, heat rash, diaper rash, razor burn, split cracked cuticles, dry or chapped lips, dry itchy skin, cracked or split hands and feet. A MUST HAVE in your bathroom, gym bag, purse, and office drawer!
    • Versatile & Effective: 100% Natural and an effective formula containing properties to soothe, nourish and restore.
    • This balm works – read the reviews: “This balm is the bomb! I scalded my hand and forearm stirring a pot of hot soup. Put my arm under the cold tap straight away, and gently applied Promise healing balm. Although my arm was as red as, there was no pain. 3 hours later even the redness had gone. The next morning no blisters or signs of having scalded myself. This stuff is amazing – it’s my go-to cream!” feedback from- Marina
    • No Animal testing & Chemical-free: Contains no harsh chemicals, parabens, fragrances, or artificial ingredients. Can be used on Children and Adults with SENSITIVE SKIN!
    • Works on the toughest of hands: This balm has been proven to be a favourite among Electrician, Stonemasons, Builders and Gardeners.
    • Strong Values: We are passionate about caring for YOU and our precious WORLD
    How to use:

    Apply directly to the affected area and work balm gently into the skin. For massage, apply a small amount between palms to soften and massage into the skin.

    Ingredients: (*ORGANIC)
    • NZ Grown Hemp Seed Oil
    • *Apricot Kernel Oil
    • *Carrot Oil
    • *Calendula Oil
    • *Lavender Oil
    • *Manuka Oil
    • Kanuka Oil
    • *NZ Beeswax
    • *Manuka Honey

    Made from local and imported ingredients

    We recommend to patch test before use.