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Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits
Handsy Pottery Kits

Handsy Pottery Kits


Style Ceramic Bowl Kit

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You don't need to have any experience and it's totally kid-friendly. This kit is all about getting creative and letting go, you can stick to our guide or let your hands guide you, whatever you do, have fun!


Are you ready to get handsy? our OG eco-friendly d.i.y pottery kit has enough clay to make two mugs; perfect for getting handsy with your fam, mates, dates, or yourself!


This eco-friendly d.i.y pottery kit teaches you how to make your own bowl at home - we'll teach you how to pinch and coil like a pro! You can go big, little, or somewhere in between - the choice is yours.

Want a little something special for your home? Take some well-deserved me-time and hand build your very own table vase with our eco-friendly d.i.y pottery kit!


  • clay for two creations or people, packaged in a compostable pouch
  • 5 wooden sculpting tools
  • an easy to follow guide
  • handsy tips for playing with clay
  • glazing & firing instructions


In order to use your finished pottery, it will need to be allowed to dry for 10 days. Don't worry if you need to leave it for longer, clay can be left to dry for years before going in the kiln!

The oven you use to bake cakes won't do the job. Check out our kiln finder for your nearest one.

All the information you need will be included in your kit.

Swap mindless scrolling for mindful rolling....

Kneading clay is like using a natural stress-ball and it gets your hands messy enough that you won't want to check your phone either. make it your me-time, or use it to connect with your friends, family, and dates.


Last year during the first kiwi lockdown we got a little bored. no longer were the 1 pm announcements, Netflix, memes, or house parties entertaining us. we had to get creative.

so we bought a 20kg bag of clay, set of paints, wool, and knitting needles, and then we thought...where the heck do we start.

we started handsy because we think everyone needs a little bit of playful creativity in their life. we want you to love playing just as much as we do, it’s better for you than you may think.

  • it's incredible for your mental health
  • it reduces anxiety, lowers your heart rate and slows down breathing
  • it gives your hands something to do other than scroll and tap
  • it's the perfect mate date, me date, or actual date!

we're always trying to do our bit for the environment, that’s why we’re working towards being 100% sustainable, from our packaging to encourage you to bring pre-loved clothes back to life with our soon-to-launch embroidery kits.