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Becca Project - E N V Y - Essential Oil Diffuser - the good tonic

Becca Project - E N V Y - Essential Oil Diffuser

Becca Project

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 This uplifting fusion of citrus, vetiver and pepper will leave you feeling strong, energised and free-spirited. Balanced with a hint of salty ocean air, this masculine blend fosters a sense of beachy calm.

Bergamot, Vetiver, Lime and Pepper

 Our diffusers are well and truly hand-made, using certified organic essential oils and 100% phthalate free fragrance oils. 

Product Info:

  • 200ml Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Weight 350g

Together we have created our range of all-natural candles, solid fragrance balms and oil diffusers, using sustainable packaging and hand-crafted in our own studio. 

We use real, organic essential oils in our products, not just fragrance, so you get to experience the holistic mental and physical wellbeing benefits of our range, along with hand-picked, heavenly scent blends to suit your down-time goals.