Our Sustainability Commitment


 There’s only one thing we’re more passionate about than our business… the planet! This is why we’re making an effort to use sustainable practices in every part of our business. We’ve teamed up with CarbonClick, a New Zealand company making it easy for people and businesses to help fight climate change.

CarbonClick looks like a green button at checkout. When you click it, a small contribution is added to your basket which purchases carbon offsets. These offsets reduce the environmental impact of the carbon emissions related to the purchase. CarbonClick’s offsets fund forest restoration, tree planting, and renewable energy projects around the world. We’re proud to be part of the fight against climate change.

At The Good Tonic we have taken our result and started a monthly contribution that offsets our business use, we are also committed personally to make small changes to reduce our own carbon footprint.  We will be sharing our story in our journal posts, giving you tips and tricks to reduce yours too. You can read some of the steps we have taken and examples on how you can make better decisions to reduce your impact HERE


We source our business and home electricity from Ecotricity Ecotricity is New Zealand’s only provider of 100% Renewable and carbonzero Certified electricity.

They source renewable carbonzero Certified electricity from the Monowai, Roaring Meg, Teviot hydro dams, the Flat Hill Wind Farm and our Solar customers.

What is a carbon footprint?

Many things we do in our day to day lives require energy. When this energy is generated through burning fossil fuels, it produces greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane.

Our carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases that are generated by our lives. This footprint is our contribution to the warming of our planet and causes climate change.

Here are a few things that we do that contribute to our carbon footprint:

  • Flying: Creates a lot of carbon and nitrous emissions. It’s often one of the most impactful things we do, especially when it comes to international travel.
  • Eating red meat: Creates methane emissions which are a powerful greenhouse gas.
  • Driving: The burning of petrol creates carbon emissions that contribute to climate change.

Your Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator

Use the interactive calculator below to see what your approximate personal carbon footprint is. Then you can work to offset this with the tools below. Offsetting is a powerful tool that reduces your carbon footprint with high quality carbon offset projects. Want to know how you can do more? click Here


Buy it, love it, wear it. Then re-sell or rent it.

 We’ve joined the circular fashion movement with AirRobe. Now, you can extend the life of your purchase by re-selling or renting your pieces back into a circular economy after you’ve worn and loved them. 

Keeping fashion in circulation creates a positive impact on our planet and natural ecosystems. This is the easiest way for you to re-purpose your purchases and feel good knowing you’re joining the Circular Fashion Movement with us. 

“I believe that we can work together to build new value into a troubled fashion industry,” says Hannon Comazzetto, Founder of AirRobe. “One that focuses on reusing, recycling, and re-selling fashion to create a circular re-commerce system. The solution is simple. With one platform the fashion industry, designers, and shoppers can work together as a community to create a new economy.”

Currently, the fashion of today largely becomes the waste of tomorrow. AirRobe and The Good Tonic are tackling this urgent problem with a focus on creating new ways to extend the life of fashion.

By selling or wearing just one pre-loved fashion piece, you offset:

  • 19kg of C02 emissions
  • 95 litres of water
  • 2kg of textile waste

We’ll be making our own contributions, and changing our practices to reduce our carbon footprint. We hope you’ll join us in creating a sustainable future, by choosing to CarbonClick with your purchase.


Forest & Bird - the good tonic - Whakatane

Forest & Bird is New Zealand’s leading independent conservation organisation — protecting wildlife and wild places, on land and in the sea.

For nearly a century Forest & Bird have been protecting and restoring Aotearoa's wildlife and wild places - on land and in the sea. They are the voice for nature in our communities, to our city and district councils, to our regional councils, to central-government, and in our courts. No other organisation does this.

The Good Tonic are proud to be supporting Forest & Bird we want to work with organisations that want to take responsibility to love and protect nature. To find out how you can become involved in helping save our incredible environment, one that means so much to us Kiwis, get in touch with us at the store, we are involved with the local community Forest & Bird team, or visit their site HERE


Forest & Bird - The Good Tonic - Whakatane