We believe every little thing we do helps, each small decision is a drop in the deep blue sea, and that together we are an ocean. Welcome to Pelli.

At Pelli - we are humble, we know our little brand can't do it all, but we do want to be a small part of a national and global movement that believes that small, thoughtful choices, made collectively, can result in a positive impact on the earth and our oceans.

Our Better Half - Ocean Crusaders.

Please follow our progress right here on our website or on instagram @pelli_bags Find out more about our partners Ocean Crusaders here - https://oceancrusaders.org/

Yep, our mission is to reduce the waste in our oceans by 50,000m2 each and every year.

Why 50,000? This is the length of Australia's coastline and we feel this is a number that will save hundreds and hopefully thousands of marine animals and birds, and this feels good. Along with the clean up, we hope that our products enable us all to further reduce the amount of single use plastic entering the ocean by making, thoughtful consumption easier and more beautiful.

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