Buy Less, Buy Better
Although these items are on sale, you are still supporting the amazing community that made them, and helping to make a change to their lives that would not have been possible, thank you for your continued support.

ReCreate operates in partnership as a New Zealand Registered Charitable Trust, with the vision of transforming lives through fashion. Every year we commit 100% of our profits towards empowering the most marginalised people in the Cambodian communities where our clothing is made.

Every thread in a ReCreate garment values people — this is not possible without also protecting the environment that we live in. 

From the creation of our garments through to the packaging used to deliver them, we ensure the softest footprints along our journey — minimising impact on the planet while providing a better future for our producers.

At Untouched World they are proudly 94% New Zealand made, with the majority of their garments made right here in the Christchurch workrooms. This not only supports the local community, but reduces their carbon footprint on transport emissions. The 6% of garments that are sourced offshore are made with the same care and attention to detail that they pride ourselves on. We ensure that anything with our name on it is made ethically and sustainably by partners who share the same values we do.

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