Simple hand-blown jugs and carafes, use Beldi jugs for wine, water, juice or milk. 

Founded in 2014, Kessy Beldi is a recycled glass factory located in Marrakech. Heated, blown, and shaped, then finally soaked in the progressive cooling furnace. Despite its obvious fineness, the Kessy Beldi glass is an extremely resistant material that easily withstands everyday life (dishwasher or oven at moderate temperatures). The green reflection of the product comes from the recycled glass used for making.

Skilled artisans now continue to make these simple, traditional tea glasses and bowls. 
Made from recycled glass, the green ones from wine bottles. A genuine Moroccan institution, Beldi glass since 1946, the year of its creation, the tea glass of all local families. Mouth-blown from recycled glass.

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