AO means blue in Japanese and world or earth in Maori.


The inspiration for my jewellery is the ocean.

My life changed dramatically when I started to surf. Even on days when I couldn’t catch a good wave, just by being soaked in the ocean my mind would be clear - like the sun coming out on a cloudy day. Surfing is the best feeling and I wanted to apply that energy to the jewellery I create through colour and the simple and individualistic design.


On a surfing trip to Indo, I was so sad to see the piles of plastic trash everywhere. In the ocean, the beach and the town. I knew marine pollution existed but didn’t realise how serious a problem it was. I became excited by the idea to take some action. I owe the ocean a lot, it has introduced me and showed me my way so I want to give something back and ensure our children can enjoy it like I have. This passion is one of the drives behind AO.